Soil & Percolation Testing

All soil testing and percolation testing carried out by MKES result is a comprehensive site suitability report, which is given to the client. This details the most suitable system for their specific site.

MKES promise to you is that we provide comprehensive assessments and reports at a competitive price.

What Is A Soil Suitability Assessment?

MKES - MK Environmental Systems - Soil Percolation TestingSite suitability assessments are required to determine the suitability of a site to adequately dispose of wastewater generated by a proposed dwelling in an unserviced rural area.

As well as focusing on the physical and drainage characteristics of the site, our reports also focus on the more complex geological and hydro-geological conditions. This level of assessment is crucial to enable the assessor to draw up cost-effective and environentally sustainable proposals. These proposals form the main part of the overall report, and outline in detail to the client the most suitable on-site system, given the specific site conditions.

EPA Code of Practice

MKES - MK Environmental Systems - Site Suitability Test - Percolation TestingSite Suitability TestSoil and percolation testing is required, under planning law, to be included in every planning application where toilet facilities are proposed in unserviced areas.

The recently published E.P.A. Code of Practice is the new guidance document, and it clearly outlines the quality and details required in all site suitability reports.

Michael Kehoe, Director and Environmental Engineer, has been carrying out such tests since graduating from D.I.T. in 2005 with an honours degree in Environmental Management.