Sewerage Systems

MKES can design, supply and install all types of sewerage systems – you can get us to do one, two or all three, depending on your specific requirements.


Sewage System Design - MKES - MK Environmental SystemsAfter completion of soil testing, MKES will design and recommend the most suitable sewerage systems for your site conditions.

The design procedure includes detailed cross-sections through the entire waste-water treatment system, from the tank to the percolation area. Included as standard is a step-by-step method statement, ensuring that either the client or the client’s contractor have all the necessary information to construct and install the system themselves.

A site-specific treatment system proposal is also included as standard, although many local authorities are flexible when it comes to the installation of secondary treatment systems, and a brand name is not required at the planning permission stage.


Install Sewage System - MKES - MK Environmental SystemsMKES can provide full sewerage systems installation service, and in recent times has undertaken some of the following work:

– Replacement of old block-built septic tank with a new two-chambered tank and E.P.A. grade percolation area.

– Installation of a Bio-crete Unit and raised soil polishing filter.

– Installation of an Envirocare P6 gravity model and soil polishing filter.

– Installation of a Carlow Pre-cast Aquastar system and partially raised polishing filter.

If we are contracted to install a system, our professional expertise can ensure both a cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable solution. A quality installation is key to ensuring the long-term operation of the system.


Many local authorities now request that the on-site sewage system be certified by a suitably qualified person with professional indemnity insurance. The cert will require a photographic log of the installation, as well as an as-constructed cross-section through the system. MKES has carried out a number of these, and has been complimented by many local authorities on the quality and clarity of these certificates. A full cert of installation is best carried out when MKES are contracted to install the system as well.