Welcome to MKES

MKES Ltd is a family run business, specialising in all aspects of ground-works and sewage installation. We were established in October 2005 by Michael Kehoe (Director) who graduated with an Honours degree in Environmental Engineering in June 2005 from DIT Bolton Street.

MKES Ltd has three core areas of business:
1. Percolation Testing / Site Suitability Testing.
2. Sewage Installation.
3. Certification and supply only wastewater packages.

We work with individuals, companies, contractors and local authorities, and have built up very strong relationships with private clients and businesses alike. Our keys to success are honesty, reliability and efficiency, which has helped grow our reputation as a professional and competent business outfit.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website and look forward to you continued support now and into the future

Soil Testing / Percolation

All soil tests / percolation tests carried out by MKES result is a comprehensive site suitability report, which is given to the client. This details the most suitable system for their specific site.

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Sewerage Systems

MKES can design, supply and install all types of sewerage treatment systems - you can get us to do one, two or all three, depending on your specific requirements.

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Many local authorities now request that the on-site sewage system be certified by a suitably qualified person with professional indemnity insurance. The cert will require a photographic log of the installation, as well as an as-constructed cross-section through the system.

MKES has carried out a number of these, and has been complimented by many local authorities on the quality and clarity of these certificates. A full cert of installation is best carried out when MKES are contracted to install the system as well.


MKES supply septic tank systems, secondary treatment system, percolation pipe work, fittings and E.P.A. grade percolation stone.

Strong links have been created with suppliers of all these products, and competitive prices are guaranteed. Turnkey pumped discharge systems are also available, which can greatly reduce the size of the soil polishing filter required. Sand pods and small packaged reed-bed units can also be sourced in Ireland.